AMAZE Project Update

Working together to decarbonise our islands!
The AMAZE project (Archipelago of Mull Actions for Zero Emissions) launched a survey at the beginning of March – six weeks later we have received 122 replies.
As most of the returns are one per household, this means we have replies from approx. 8% of all dwellings, which we believe is a good start from which to plan ahead.
THANK YOU to all who completed the survey for your honest and informative replies!
We are happy to receive more replies if you or someone in your immediate household has not already done so. Please click on this link –
Remember the more responses we get, the better our chances to attract funding.
75% of respondents are “very worried” about the global impacts of climate change, no-one said they were “not at all worried”. From a large no. of free-form comments, the common themes were:-
– changes to weather patterns and biodiversity are already clear, political will to change is way too slow
– respondents are already worried for themselves and are very worried for their children & grandchildren
– the impacts in many areas of the world may provoke terrible consequences and mass migrations/conflicts.... more in the printed issue