When is your deadline for the next month?

Usually 19th of the previous month, so 19th June for the July issue, and so on. It is NEVER later than this, however we occasionally set an early deadline, and this will be made clear in advance in the printed version. This usually happens for example in December (for the January issue) and February (for the March issue), simply because there are fewer days available in which to complete the work.

When will the next issue come out?

Usually on the last day of the previous month, so 30th June for the July issue, and so on – if the last day of the month falls on a Sunday, we try to deliver the day before (the Saturday). Delivery can sometimes be delayed due to problems with our printer or booklet-making machinery.

How do I advertise?

Just send a pdf of the right shape or simply send your wording and we can do the layout for you. A price list with exact sizes of display ads is available on request.

Can I have my ad printed in colour?

We print the main body of R&A in black & white, but the back cover can be booked for a full page colour ad – price and availability on application.

Can I send in an A4 poster for a ¼ page ad?

Yes, but remember the text will only be one quarter the size! And the colours will be rendered in shades of grey, so there needs to be a certain amount of contrast.

Can I get a discount for a series of ads?

Yes, if you are prepared to pay for the series in advance. We offer a 5% discount on a 6 month series, or 10% on a 12 month series.

I want to send in a notice (thanks, congratulations, deaths etc.), what will it cost?

Nothing. We don’t make a charge for such items.

I have an event I want to publicise – is that free of charge?

Yes, as long as you are happy with a short notice (what?, where?, when?) and an entry in the diary. If you wish to place a larger ad, we offer a 50% discount on our normal rates for community events. Note: this applies to local events and those relating to Mull & Iona only.

I want to send in an article for publication, how long can it be?

An ideal length is around 500 words, or if you are including a photo around 350. If you feel it needs to be longer, please get in touch with the editor.

Where is Round & About printed?

Here at Rehmor Croft! We are proud of the fact that all the printing and finishing takes place here in Mull.

Is there a digital version available?

Not at the moment, we are print only.