An Tobar and Mull Theatre

There has been the most astonishing resurgence of activity at both An Tobar and Mull Theatre. It is so gratifying to see the diverse ventures for our enjoyment and pleasure now available in a live format again. Many people across the island welcomed the return of live theatre with the highly acclaimed production of Every Beautiful Thing on 1st November, 2021. After many, many months of lockdown, it was brilliant to experience a live performance by the talented Naomi Stirrat.
As far as the Mull Youth Theatre is concerned, the whole community owe Andi Stevens and her host of helpers a great debt of gratitude for inspiring so many young people to appreciate the works of William Shakespeare. The Shakespearathon, a 12 hour Shakespeare extravaganza, was held on 28 November in the Mull Theatre. We witnessed firsthand their introduction to Elizabethan dance and ritual. I wonder how many communities throughout the UK can say the youth of the area have experienced this level of professional training! Our youth theatre has rightly received national acclaim… more in the printed issue

Photo of Mull Youth Theatre courtesy of Karina Alexander