Geese is the word …

… And so the puns began at the NOMADS’ frisky production of Mother Goose which was best avoided if you are averse to fowl language.
Directors and Producers Rebecca Woolcock and Lynn Davies gave us sparkle and fun from the amazical entrance of Natalie Livingstone’s Fairy Friendship all the way to the double wedding at the end.
Denise Baxter as Mother Goose sailed through a series of difficulties supported only by her underwear, Cathy Mellor’s adorable Goose Pricilla and a few golden eggs. Rent to pay, children to supervise, a transition to Barbie-dom and back, members of the audience to tease. She did it all with style. But eventually she found true love with the once-evil-but-now-reformed Laird, Yuji Iseki… more in the printed issue

Photo by Sarah Darling