Isle of Ulva Anniversary

The ownership of Ulva transferred to the community on the 21st June 2018. In the past the occasion has been marked by a get together but sadly, once again, that will not be possible this year.
Instead, we have a few articles to update you on progress.
At the time of the purchase, we wrote: “To say we are extremely grateful to all our supporters and to the various funding agencies, organisations and individuals would be an understatement”. This remains the case.
The determination of our community in bringing Ulva into community ownership, and the work of volunteers past and present, along with the patience of professionals who are helping us realise the plans we have for the island is an inspiration. The enormity of changes to come became more real with the recent delivery of materials to begin the restoration of the houses. More info on this and other projects to follow in the coming months.
Now that access to the island is once more possible, we look forward to welcoming old friends and new to engage with the future of Ulva... more in the printed issue

Photo taken inside Sheila’s Cottage, courtesy of the Ulva Team