Kitten gets ‘Round & About’ Mull!

By Moira Kerr
As tourists were getting organised to visit the holiday hotspots on Mull a five month old kitten has beaten them to it.
The patter of Wee Guy the kitten’s tiny paws could be heard at favourite haunts around the island while mainland Scotland was in lockdown.
From the remote and beautiful Calgary beach, to the island capital of Tobermory, Wee Guy has been there, done that, along with his pint sized mistress, four year old Emily Wood, and her family.
The family live in Salen, Mull, and Emily’s father, John Wood Jnr, 36, who is known as Shuggie, said: “Our old cat died at the age of sixteen so we got a new kitten for Emily in January. Emily is only four and every day she had a different name, so we just call him Wee Guy and now Wee Guy goes everywhere with us.”
The kitten, who is great pals with the family’s pet Labrador Marley, has been all over the island… more in the printed issue

Photo by Shuggie Wood: Emily Wood with Wee Guy at Calgary Beach