Mull Mòd

We were all so excited that the Mull Mòd was going to be going ahead this year. We had received about 200 entries from more than 80 children, as well as a dozen adult competitors. We weren’t going to have adult choirs, but we did have a few children’s groups and a children’s choir on the program. Everything was ready to go to print, but as with so many other things over the last 18 months, we had to cancel, only a few days before the mòd.
Due to an increase in Covid-19 cases on Mull that very week, the committee had to make the very difficult decision to call it all off, for the sake of the children, the adjudicators, the volunteers and even the audience members.
Everyone was understandably disappointed, and so, in an attempt to at least give the children a chance to perform their mòd pieces, we offered them the opportunity to record themselves singing, speaking or playing their intended entries and asked them to e-mail them to us. We were overwhelmed by the amount of submissions!
If you haven’t yet had a chance to view our videos, please do visit our facebook page, The videos can also be seen on YouTube, by searching for “Mull Mod Ceilidh 2021”… more in the printed issue

The image shows the design for the 2021 programme, featuring a painting by Jennifer Howitt