National Mòd 2022

The Royal National Mòd was hosted by Perth this year, 18 years since it was last held there. Although there was a mòd held in Inverness last year, it was a much smaller and very different mòd, with only a few children’s competitions actually in person (most of them were online competitions) and no choral competitions at all. There were two days of “choral showcase” and still plenty of opportunity to hear and see the wider choir family, but it was a very different affair. This year, the anticipation and excitement of the return of a “real mòd” was widespread. Numbers were still lower than in 2019 and before, largely due to the fact that it was not possible for tutors to go into schools at the beginning of this year due to ongoing COVID restrictions, and because choirs were unable to get together properly until spring, and even then many were restrictued due to their situations locally.
Despite the slightly reduced numbers overall at the mòd, however, it was wonderful to see Mull so well represented; at the beginning of the week, children and teenagers from both Còisir Òg Mhuile and Comunn Gàidhealach Mhuile brought home a collection of medals and trophies; it was so encouraging to see so many Mull children participating in singing and recitation competitions from age 5 up through to teenagers, and we owe huge thanks to their tutors, and to their families for their support and encouragement, too... more in the printed issue

Còisir Ghàidhlig an Eilein Mhuilich: Photo courtesy of Donna Dugdale