R&A 30th Anniversary and Sgriob-ruadh Protest!

We are delighted this month to be celebrating Round & About’s 30th anniversary, the magazine having been launched on 1st December 1991, with the slogan: ‘Where, when, who, why? Give us a shout at Round & About’
Leafing through that first publication, we see that some things have not changed much over the years – a meeting was to be held that month about the lack of affordable housing in Mull & Iona. The emphasis was firmly on diary dates, a tradition we continue, and there was also an astrology section, something to which we recently returned for a while.
However the main front page story was that of a protest outside the Co-op in Tobermory by ‘Cuddles’, one of the Sgriob-ruadh cows, who was afraid of being made redundant! This features a lovely cartoon of said cow being milked in the Main Street, with the caption “I’ve heard about fresh milk, but this is ridiculous!”... more in the printed issue

Photo showing protest – courtesy of Jane Slade