TEN + 1 Festival Gets 10/10

2020 should have seen the 10-year celebrations to mark the founding of Mull Youth Theatre – but we fell victim to lockdown. In 2021 we finally get to celebrate the 10 + 1 years.
The Theatre on Mull has deep roots, firstly with The Little Theatre and now Mull Theatre enjoys nationwide acclaim. In 2010 a permanent Youth Theatre was established, comprising of Lewis MacLeod, Dexter Govan, Kate Stevens and Dominic Haunschmidt. Mull Youth Theatre has developed steadily ever since from 4 to 64 young adults. Bold programming and adventurous casting have ensured that youngsters continue to be drawn to the theatre. Over the years there have been many professionals and community members who have supported this venture. Thank you for all you have given.
The Ten-Year milestone could not be allowed to pass without a celebratory festival. In July 2021 we were able to mark this great achievement with a 3 day Performing Arts Gathering… more in the printed issue

Photo by Sarah Darling